Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story

Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Stor...

Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story

Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story

[caption id="attachment_2525" align="alignnone" width="683"]Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story[/caption]

Hey Guys, What's going on my name is Ethan Smith and today I'm gonna be talking about lower back pain and lower back issues so before I get into lower back pain & lower back pain issues I'm going to explain my support story to you guys that occurred about a year and a half ago back in November of 2016. So back in November 2016, I had suffered a serious lower back injury now I was at the gym one day I was dead left in had some heavyweight and I wasn't deadlifting with good form ego kind of got the best of me that day and I ended up tweaking my back now when

I tweaked my back I didn't think this injury was serious anyway I just thought it was a muscle strain some sort of typical injury that commonly occurs so a few weeks went by where I continued to work out I continued to play sports such as hockey or as play hockey at the time for the free those of you that know sport blocky the way the mechanics work is that you're always kind of in a forward flexion posture, therefore, that kind of places a lot of stress on your back especially for someone like my smoke Ferb's someone like myself who is six foot five and that's pretty tall for somebody and I have to bend over a lot further, therefore, place a lot more stress on my lower back now as about three weeks went by this pain in my back never went away and actually got more serious started to hurt more and it was a type of pain that I never really felt before

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I was very extreme shading and cause at the point where I ended up going to the clinic so when to the clinic and I met with the nurse practitioner at the time a nurse practitioner told me that I'd suffered some sort of muscle strain Jaimie's might be proof and just to produce the inflammation as well as she sent me for some x-rays to make sure there's no fractures or anything to basically, check if there's anything serious going on so what a week went by got our results back the x-ray didn't show anything, however, this painting up getting worse I remember I was sitting down had
excruciating pain I had a pain shooting down my thigh down my leg I couldn't even bend over it was so bad couldn't work out like I used to like it used to it was brutal so I ended up going into the clinic again this was about a week later and I met with one of the doctors there so the doctor meets he looked at me and said that I had suffered from a symptom known as I Attica which is that jaw
nerve pain that shoots down your leg and he didn't really come to any conclusions but he was suggested something like a pr4 syndrome occurring but he ended up setting me from MRI and he said we wouldn't know anything until his MRI was conducted and then he recommended some physical therapy for me so after this I
ended up going to physical therapy and with physical therapy, they didn't know exactly what was going on with me they thought it could have been anything from a disc issue to something one of my SI joints to some sort of arthritis issue and so they were doing many different things with me such as hip stretches on a pet shop which was very tight in my hips just from hockey and sitting down a lot, as well as they, did some traction for my spine which is usually good for a disc injury and it give me some mobility drills and core strengthening exercise for me to do well when I was going to physio. It didn't help a lot I would get relief when I would go there but however half an hour later after I left and my session was complete I would be right back to square one and severe pain the
ibuprofen that I was taking would help a bit I would pop a couple ibuprofen spurred a just reduced inflammation that would help reduce the pain. However also at this time,

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I hadn't booked a appointment with my family doctor and the issue was oh it took me three weeks to see him but the family doctor was rigid really busy in a lot of patients to see so it took me a while to get in and he
was away on a conference so urges the whole disaster with his schedule going on and I finally ended up getting to see him and he basically said at an annular tear for those who don't know it's some sort of tear on the disk that basically causes that psychotic symptom to occur and then they ended up putting me on Lyrica
in addition to the unpro fee that I was taking so, Lyrica is a tip medication that helps relax your nerves but it has a lot of serious side effects as well and goes along with it. However, he told me that this would kind of help me and help my nerve pain help relax everything and then he said we won't know anything until I get my MRI done kept suggesting that I go to Physiol so I continue to go to physio and also important to mention that my MRI wasn't scheduled till March this was like three nine months later which is terrible because I wouldn't find out my injury until like three nine months later now I end up getting a bit of a break in January and the hospital it up calling saying the other cancellation so I was able to get in got my MRI done and got the results a few days later and the results showed an l5 s1 lateral and posterior disc bulge which was causing irritation on the nerve and so I went into the clinic again I wasn't able to see my family doctor because it was busy again a lot of things going on so doctors I saw at the clinic just basically suggested a lot of rest. He also prescribed me some title 3 which is an OPA painkiller to help relieve the pain and you just told me to keep doing physio and no serious or hard exercising no running or anything like that so

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I listened to him I kept doing physio. However, my pain at this time was so excruciating I mean I couldn't sleep at night I wake up in the middle of the night 3:00 in the morning and I'd have to pop painkillers just so I could sleep
I remember going to class sitting in lectures popping ibuprofen popping, Lyrica popping painkillers just to sit through an hour and 20 minutes lecture during class tell you were one of the hardest things ever I'd also come to cause with a TENS machine on one of
those 10 machines has helped relax and nerves a bit I remember
driving to school I felt like I just I couldn't drive and I couldn't sit any longer city was one of the worst things for me now one of the things that I found helped me was just lying on the ground I would spend most of my days lying on my stomach and I think the
primary reason why I lie on your stomach helps with my posterior disc loss was because if you think of how gravity works it's going to pull the disc forward as opposed to post yearly so if you look at the mechanics of the body when someone's bending over they're all older discs are protruding posterior whereas when someone's hyperextending and they're going up like this the discs are moving forward so doing a lot of more hyperextension stuff accession stuff that was part of my rehab process so I figured just lying on the ground, lying on my stomach was one of the biggest things that helped me a lot and I would spend most of my days because it's the only way I would spend a day without pain and the primary reason why sitting was one of the worst things for me is because if you look at the way the spine works and compression is that when
you're sitting the load increases on your spine so if you think about it my discs already bulging and I'm sitting down placing more pressure on the discs so now it's like closing down further going to bulge posteriorly could irritate that nerve and then when I was standing and walking around I was usually for the most part fines because there was less pressure being placed on the disc-less force so now I continue to do this for a while and I was going through physio as well and I didn't notice

[caption id="attachment_2524" align="alignnone" width="696"]Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story[/caption]

I really I didn't notice a significant improvement until I was done school I think one of
the primary reasons for those because of I didn't have to go to class and sit down and the other big thing was that my cousin of mine he recommended an inversion table now I'd never tried inversion table and the theory behind it is that it creates traction which is
going to create more space between years you're spying and Sol your spinal disks go back in the place because you're creating more room now if physio they were doing traction but however, using an inversion table the traction was much greater than just
someone physically manipulating me themselves just using different bands and pulling on my legs so the inversion table was just a huge boost to my recovery within about two weeks I was
already feeling better I remember feeling better in about two
weeks felt a lot better and I was able to start exercising a little bit more and doing activities of daily living more without any pain however that I still had this pain I still had issues bending over and it was still very problematic for me because I was told they would only take it with six months to a year for my recovery so about six months I already on my now I'm gone and saw my family doctor again at this point I'd met with them and told me told him that this pain isn't going away and I haven't seen I've seen a little bit of improvement but it's still bothering me a lot on the camera do much so he ended up sending me to some sort of specialist and some sort of rehabilitation specialists and I went to his rehabilitation specialist so when he looked at me this was probably in June of 2017 and I had given them all my results he looked at my MRI he looked at the disk actually on a computer and he basically told me that he didn't think that my issue was disc related he thought something else was going on something that was related with the joints or bone so he had sent me for a bone scan the point did a full body's bone scan which specifically he was looking at the FASTA wanted to look at the faucet joints and my lower lumbar region as well as my sac sacroiliac joints let's see if anything was going on there so I had the bone scan was done and got the results back about the specialist again and they didn't find anything too serious the only thing they found was some arthritis in my right hip but the specialist concluded that I might my issue was more muscular related than anything and that he said it's going to take a while to heal since a few months and he gave me a couple sheets of some stretches to do every day for 20 minutes duty stretches specifically hip and glute stretches and that eventually over time I'd get better so I did these for about a couple months and I was at this time I was still going to physio as well and the stretches the stretching and the stretches helped me a little bit helped me slightly I noticed a slight improvement over a few months but I was still having my issues and it came to the point where it was in September again I was starting to school I was going to be starting in school again and I knew I was going to be sitting in class and then I would have pain again and it was just a big issue I didn't want to go through it again so I met with my family doctor again so my family doctor sent me for a CAD scan and he also referred me to a second specialist to see so we did the CAD scan did him specifically on my hips but the CAD scan didn't find anything and the the specialist took me about four months to see this guy so I didn't see this guy until December of 2017 now by the time December 2017 came around I was actually feeling a lot better but I still did out of the pain slightly I did a lot of improvements the biggest thing for me I think was that during this time in the summer specifically was that I was doing a lot of my own research online found a lot of good resources there's a lot of good information out there specifically a lot of good core exercises a lot of good mobility drills that would help with a disc injury that
I found that helped a lot specifically ad rollouts planks bridges hayloft presses all those types exercises were very helpful in my recovery so by the time December came around I'd met with his second specialist and basically he told me that my is issue looked at my results he just said it was a disc and just explained a few things to me showing you a few exercises basically by the time I saw him I already knew what to do it wasn't anything new that he had told me it was all old information stuff that I already had learned now I come from a human kinetics background so I
understand the mechanics of the body and how the body moves and how things work so the specialist did he bring me a prescription for a lower back brace and also for thought exceed and the orthotics the whole point on was wearing them would help kind of reduce the compression being placed on my spine the
lumbar brace would just help keep me in a more neutral posture when I'm standing up so to this day I still wear the orthotics the lumbar brace I mean I wear for a few weeks but it just wasn't
comfortable and didn't really feel like I needed it and I'd ended up meeting with the specialist one more time in about February and I met with him though because I had some other issue going on my back and that was something was going on with the left side of my back this time and it wasn't that disc in the sheet I was going on on the right side something was going on my back that was just my
spine lock up different movements and motions would bother it and I'd get pain it was almost like some sort of arthritis that remains and he basically just told me was a compensation issue from the left from the disk injury and the left side is called sayings putting my stress on which true but I'm still suffering from pain
on that side and about its point I could say that my disc issue or my disc injury is I would say it's 100% yield but activities of daily living are fine I can see without pain now my range of the motion specifically on my hips improved a lot I can bend over a lot of forward flexions getting back into exercising I'm able to deadlift lightweight squat light weight but nothing too serious now I'm not pushing it still about a hundred percent so there's still things I got to do and it's still going to be careful always be aware of things so now what
that story just shared with you guys I want to kind of get into some of my recommendations for you specifically for people that have a disc injury specifically l5 s1 region so my first recommendation to you guys is that you need to push your doctors to push for push for testing continuously push for further testing you want to figure out
the problem as soon as possible and once you figure out the problem you can treat it for me, it took me about three months until

[caption id="attachment_2523" align="alignnone" width="696"]Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story[/caption]

I knew I had a disc bulge I'd heard many different things from a muscle strain to pr4 syndrome to an angular tear I didn't figure it out until I had a memory I still wasn't convinced that that was the issue of
other and another doctor told me I had some sort of muscle injury going on so it was a bit of a disaster and because of I was continuously looking at different injuries and how to treat all these
different injuries and doing different things so that's my first recommendation continuously push for further testing so I'm just always kind of beyond the doctors case I mean be nice to them then a day you're basically paying for them to work so just be on their case and be persistent with them now my second the recommendation now is to be careful of the medication caking because for myself I was on three medications at one point I the doctors writing me up I was on IB Pro from taking about two ibuprofens per day I was taking two painkillers so two time
of threes per day and on top of it I was taking Lyra cause now when you combine these drugs together that can produce a data from synergistic effects and it can make you feel like really drowsy really tired and I know what they're got some Co side effects are pretty serious such as suicidal and like a difference in your behavior changing aggressive behavior and I remember feeling that a bit I think it was a little bit moody when I was taking American I didn't stay on America for a long time because of I
didn't think it was working that much I stayed on that for maybe a month I specifically was just taking the ibuprofens and painkillers
so my recommendation know is that when you're taking a medication just take it when you need it for my case I needed it
to sleep because the pain was that bad and I needed it to take during class but I mean if you could like lie on the floor in my case without having any pain during the day and that's going to prevent you from taking medication and do so because taking all that medication is not good for you so just be careful about that
just take the medication when you need to because at the end of day the medication isn't healing your injury it's just treating your symptoms so that's something to keep in mind my the third recommendation is physical therapy physical therapy it was it was very important in my recovery because of they were able to teach me some of the basic exercise and mobility drills that I needed to engage in order in order to heal my injury and without them I
wouldn't have learned these things and it would have been hard for me to discover some of these things online as well I mean they showed me differently exercises selection as nearly ball opposites I'd roll outs different variations of playings different mobility drills lots of rolling lot of tissue work which really helped with my recovery so I think during physio would be I recommend by the one thing with me I went about six months of physio and I was one three times a week and by the time six months came my physical therapist basically just told me to listen, Remy, we've been
treating you for about six months you've been coming here for a while and there's not much further we can do for you we've already showed you everything you already know everything to do so it's just a matter of rehabbing yourself at home right now we don't want you to keep coming here and kind of spend about
sixty bucks per session and if you want you can continue to come here that's your decision but personally I would just recommend you come see us when you need to and just do your stuff at home

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so I really appreciated it when he when they practically told me this because it basically prevented me from spending another sixty dollars per session and I already knew everything I was able to do another thing that that some physical therapists would never say that they would just continue treating you without even saying anything just keep taking your money so for that I respect them and they were really important in my treatment as well so early thank them for that, I think now my fourth recommendation is do a lot of your research online do everything you can research everything find as much research as possible there's a lot of good information out there but you got to look specifically forward and some of them some of the guys out there I would recommend would be Dr. Stewart Mugello he specifically specializes in lower back pain and lower back issues so he has a lot of good stuff out there as well as I like a lot of air Crecy and Tony general core stuff
a lot of good core exercise a lot of good core strengthening they really understand how the body works so a lot of their information is very useful and I think it can helpful to anyone out there that how to say this college of disability in the lower lumbar region and my last recommendation for you guys is those that do have a disc injury specifically the lower lumbar is you guys have to manage it appropriately so just be aware that you have this injury and you can engage in specific movements or motions so always be aware of that because sometimes you might engage in emotions or just bending over and you don't even realize it and the next thing you know you're causing for the pain just do everything that's going to be helpful to you and avoid anything that's going to cost me just be aware it just be aware of that and also know that you will always have a weak spot there so just be careful of that so guys though that is my story that is my story I have shared with you and I hope you guys have learned something from it story I also hope you guys learned something from my five recommendations that have just showed you now I'm going to be making a few more articles specifically around lower back pain specifically a disc bulge and some exercises that you can engage into treatment to treat it
and some other tips that will help heal your injury so guys I hope you guys enjoyed the article and take care and All the Best

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Back Pain | Lower Back Pain | Treatment and Causes -My Back Pain Story
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